Kyle Gosselin

How I Became A Digital Marketer

Right after college I worked for an SEO agency mostly doing lead generation and sales. During the sales process I realized that what the SEO company was selling I could do because of my degree in Information Systems. From there I started working for small companies as the marketing manager doing a lot of everything. Gradually I worked my way up to working for larger and larger companies developing, implementing, managing, reporting and optimizing ROI focused data driven integrated digital marketing campaigns with great success.

Over the years I met with large agencies that wanted to offer me a job with their company. I realized how they worked and why they charged so much for their services. I realized I can help businesses grow for 1/4th price they would pay an agency and deliver even better results.


I am looking for a few good clients to work with. I realize its easy to get overwhelmed when you start to talk about digital marketing. I want to help you and your business grow for a reasonable price.

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Some times you just need to be pointed in the right direction. I also do consultations for an hourly rate.

CEO of Marketing Apes

You can also see my work through Marketing Apes. This is an Agency where I have partnered with other professionals.