Affiliate Marketing

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Affiliate marketing allow you to advertise on websites that you normally are not allowed to advertising on. When you advertise through an affiliate marketing network like Commission Junction, Flex Offers, Share a Sale or Pepperjam you upload creative ads and allow publishers to promote those ads throughout their digital media. If someone clicks on an ad, that is directed to your website, and converts you pay that publisher a set price or a percentage of that conversion. The only way a publisher gets paid is if you get business.

I have generated many affiliate marketing programs that have generated 1,000,000's of dollars in sales for companies like the American Council on Exercise and Callaway Golf. I am constantly seeing companies who derive the most sales through their affiliate marketing channel.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Management Process

Affiliate marketing is one of the most under utilized channels in business today. The biggest benefit to affiliate marketing is you get exactly what you pay for. Here is my process in generating an affiliate marketing program that works for your business.

Network Selection

There are many affiliate marketing networks to choose from. Based on your business type I will find the most relevant network to join.


In order for an affiliate marketing program to work, we must implement tracking and set percentages or cost for conversions.


Recruiting relevant publishers is the most important aspect of affiliate marketing. I will constantly be recruiting publishers that are relative to your business.

Creative Ads

Keeping to the theme of your brand I will upload text, banner and video ads to the network making sure that all links are traceable through analytics and the affiliate network.