Utilizing Analytics & Reporting Systems

No matter what channel is being managed the key to digital marketing is making sure that everything is being measured and reported accurately. Constant data analysis and reporting allow marketers and business owners to adjust sales processes and marketing messages based on the interactions throughout thier digital media. The key is being able to to measure all the steps taken within a sales funnel.

As a Google Certified partner in analytics I am able to optimize your tracking and create automated reports. With Google Data Studio I am able to pull analytics from multiple sources to create an all encompassing custom report.

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Analytics & Reporting Process

Before any channel is managed I make sure that everything is accurately being measured through various analytical systems like Facebook Advertising, Google Analytics, Google AdWords and more. Here is the process of optimizing your analytics and digital marketing reporting systems:

Analytics Tracking

Diving into analytics usually tells me one of two things either tracking is not being measured accurately or your sales funnel is not optimized.

Pixel Implementation

Many vendors require implementing pixels to help track conversions. I am able to check with various tools to see if those pixel are firing accurately.

Funnel Measurement

Every sales process has some type of funnel. It is my job to make sure we are seeing what is happening at each step of the funnel.


If you need daily, weekly or monthly reporting I am able to generate visual reports that help tell the story of what is going on with your business.