Ranking # 1

Many businesses often refer to SEO wanting to rank number 1 on the first page of Google. The problem with that is not realizing that Google does not care about your website. What Google cares about is giving the user the most relevant answers when someone performs a search in that famous little box. So making sure that your web page answers that question or "search" better then anyone else is how you rank number 1.

For the past 10 years I have help many businesses rank on the first page of Google for a variety of keyword phrases. The key to Search Engine Optimization is making sure that those businesses rank for the most relevant keyword phrases to their business.

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The SEO Process

Many SEO "specialist" will tell you that they have a secret when it comes to getting on the 1st page of Google. The secret is simply creating a process to which your web page answers the keywords you want to target better than any other web page.


SEO is a competitive strategy. In order to rank number one we must first see who is currently ranking number 1 and try to beat them out with a variety of strategies.

On Page Optimization

There are a lot of key implementations that Google needs in order for them to rank your website. Optimizing your pages is the first element addressed when optimizing for organic search.

Off Page Optimization

One of the main components of out ranking competition is getting back links. There are many strategies that will help in deriving relevant links from other websites.


The key to outranking the competition involves measuring and monitoring opportunities. By doing this I have been able to take advantage of strategies that help your page answer the question the best.