Many companies and agencies are looking for a qualified digital marketing manager or digital marketing specialist to run and maintain one or more of their marketing channels. Don't waste your time looking for someone who is under qualified and don't waste your time overpaying for an agency. Think of this service as your full time digital marketing manager or specialist.

What Do You Get?

  • I Become Your Digital Marketing Manager/Specialist
  • I Manage and Operate Various or Single Digital Marketing Channels
  • I Develop The Strategy or Run The Strategy Developed By Your Company
  • I Implement The Strategy Across The Channels Making Sure Tracking Through Analytics Is In Place
  • I Will Optimize All Channels That Are Managed
  • You Will Get Custom Weekly and Monthly Reports Summarizing The Progress Of The Campaigns

How Do You Get Started?

I have learned that every business runs a little differently. In order to get started I need to do my due diligence and learn about your industry, company and sales process. After an initial introduction I do some digital marketing research such as seeing what your market looks like, how your competitors are marketing themselves, what type of demand is out there for your products/services and what consumers are saying about your industry. I then put together a proposal that will outline the recommended strategies and how I will approach marketing your brand. If we both agree on the proposal we get started as soon as possible creating a strategy, implementing that strategy and optimizing that strategy for success.

What Will This Cost You?

I charge a monthly management fee based on the amount of work it will take me to help your business achieve its business goals. I only work with companies I know I can generate a positive ROI with. I put myself in the business owners shoes. If I pay someone to help me make money I need to make way more money then I am paying for them and what I spend on advertising. I always include the monthly management fee in my ROI. I generally charge $1,000 - $5,000 per month depending on the scope of work.

Free Proposal

I would love to learn more about your business. Fill out the form below so that I can do some research and put a proposal together for you.