Marketing Through Social Media

Through social media networks like Facebook, Instragram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and others we are now able to target demographics and interest with custom advertising like we have never done before. Steadily social marketing is starting to beat out other digital channels as the number one channel for sales.

As a digital marketer I have tested marketing campaigns on every social network. I can proudly say that I was one of the first advertisers on all of the social networks. I have help numerous brands reach over 100,000 Facebook Likes and personally have over 500,000 twitter followers between all my accounts. I have help companies generate 1,000,000's of dollars in sales through Facebook alone.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Marketing Process

We are now able to directly market through social media. There are all types of campaigns you can run such as lead generation, conversions targeting, engagement, web clicks, video views and so much more. Here is the process I go through with social media marketing:


Based on the goal of the campaign I generate a strategy that allows us to successfully market to the targeting demographic and location.


I then take the strategy and implement the strategy through the network placing necessary tracking pixels and setting goals that will be measured.


The key will be monitoring the progress of the campaign and making changes to make sure that conversions are happening at a relevant spend.


Finally I will report the progress of the campaigns. This will allow us to optimize old campaigns and create new ones based on information.